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Registration starts 09:00 - closes at 09:15
Competition will begin promptly at 09:30 - finishing at 16:30

Entry Fee:

BAA Members £25.00 adult (£12 14-17 yrs).  Non BAA Members £30.00 (£14.50 14-17yrs)

No minimum entry grade.

Embu events:

Competitors: 14 years and over and can enter up to two of the three available Embu events. 

  • Junanahon 1-17 Kyu Grade
  • Tanto Junanahon 1-17 Dan Grade only
  • Goshin No Kata, 1-16 Any Grade
  • Jiyu Embu/Open Kata (No weapons) Kyu Grade
  • Jiyu Embu/Open Kata (No weapons) 1st Kyu and above
  • Ninin dori Kyu Grades only
  • Ninin dori 1st Kyu and above
  • Note - *1st Kyu’s can only enter one Ninindori event and one Open kata event

Randori events:

Competitors: 18 years and over:

  • Women’s individual Tanto Randori Any Grade
  • Men’s individual Tanto Randori 1st Kyu and above
  • Men’s individual Tanto Randori Kyu Grade
  • *1st Kyu grades can only enter one Tanto Randori event

Cadet Randori 16-19 years, separate male & female events - Any Grade

Tanto Taisabaki 14-17 years, male & female - Any Grade

Entries to be submitted by 31st March 2019 using official forms to


Please submit entries and entry fees (by cheque, payable to British Aikido Association) to:
Vanda Fairchild, BAA Sports Development Officer. 46 Le May Avenue, Grove Park, London, SE12 9SU


Tel: 07957 403578